Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Choose Orthotics Lab Singapore For Your Custom Insoles

1) Location:
We are based in Singapore to service podiatrists and customers in Singapore. We brought in the CADCAM Orthotics technology from Australia that has been manufacturing orthotics in more than 25 years.

2) Qualify assurance
Our lab consists with a few technicians and 10 years of clinical practice podiatrists to design and manufacture quality orthotics. All designs are done by healthcare specialists whom has great clinical expertise and understanding of patient's conditions. The result is your ideal Orthotics.

3) No more wait
Each pair of orthotics takes great effort to design and manufacture.  Comparing to current market delivery standards, the duration is normally between 2 to 6 weeks wait for orthotics to return from overseas. We can do it locally within 7 working days. We hear your voice. 7 working days should be the norm standard. If anyone ask you to wait for more than 7 working days, please share with them.  Orthotics Lab SingaporeTM has the capability to deliver within 7 working days.

With special request, for overseas clients, we can do it within 2 working days.

4) Most extensive range of materials
With a total of more than 20 types of materials, we can serve the most demanding set of conditions and expectations. Never ever settle for keywords such as small, medium or large or just soft, medium or hard in your selection of orthotics materials. That only expose the limitation and scope of the manufacturer.  Even shoe sizes do not come with  small, medium or large anymore. 

5) Custom made, not pre-fabricated
We customised 100% based on the mould of your feet. We never believe in pre-fabricated insoles anyway.

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